HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language)

HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) is a type of computer language that is primarily used for files that are posted on the internet and viewed by web browsers. All text, graphics and design elements of a web page are “tagged” with codes that instruct the web browser how to display the files. These files are easy to identify because they contain the file extension of ‘html’ or ‘htm’. HTML files provide layout and formatting information. There are many different software utilities and programs available to help web designer in generating HTML pages.

To convert a simple text file into HTML page we need to create tags that start and finish with angle brackets. To end the formatting or change to another format, the HTML developer types the first angle bracket, a backslash, then repeats the command and closes the bracket.

For example, <b>What is HTML?<b> is the code used to create the bold text.

There are different codes for all sorts of other formatting including italics, tables, paragraphs etc. The anchor or “A” tag is used to create hyperlinks to other pages.

Simple HTML document looks like:

<title>Vikas Khera</title>
This is my blog.

Search Engine Optimization for web page rankings

SEO (Search engine optimization), is the process of making our website to appear higher in search engine results pages. Page rankings depends on a number of factors, search engines evaluate our website’s relevance and readability before passing on it a position or ranking on the search engine results page. The more relevance the search engines determine our website has for a given search, the higher the website will rank. SEO is the art of getting our website to work optimally with search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN etc.

It is important to use search engine optimization to push our ranking as high as possible when we think that most of the users of Internet will not look beyond the first page of search results. SEO services includes keyword selection, adding and revising content, creating search engine friendly web design, building links etc.

Search engines “spider” our complete website by following all the links on our site to new pages, much as a human would click on the links of our pages. This spider is also called as a Robot. For successful SEO, Our page should be most relevant to any given search query. We can do this by good unique keywords rich text content and getting “quality” links to the page.

We can help our website along in number of ways like making sure our page titles and Meta tags are unique, or by including Header (H1-H6) tags where relevant and by highlighting words on pages using of bold text. We can also include our keyword phrase – like image alt text and title text on images and links.