Feeling your support, Feeling your presence…

Zed-Axis’s Shining Star of the Year 2006

Thanks to all for supporting and nominating me for this Award.

As a Sr. Software Engineer at an IT company Zed-Axis Technologies Pvt. Ltd. recently I was given the honor of being awarded Zed-Axis’s Shining Star of the Year 2006. I received this award at the New Year celebration on 31st December, 2006. As part of the award certificate I also got a cash prize. The award was given to me for the best performance throughout the year 2006.

This was a great honor to me, my seniors and all who support me. While receiving this award I felt the presence of all who support me.

Fresh Beginnings

Some times in our life, we seem to go through difficult periods, things that were our life end up falling aside. What was once our everyday normal is now suddenly the past and we wonder what happened?

I may have made mistakes and suffered due to past decisions. Today is a new day and there is a real beauty in new beginnings. Changes can be hard but it is possible. God is an idol who gives us the power to change.

God is a spirit of new beginnings and today is the day I can begin again…