Cute notes on Friendship

It’s not necessary to share every secret between true friends,
but the thing is that whatever you share should be true.

Distance never separates any relation
Time never build any relation…
If feelings true from the heart,
Then friends are always friends forever…

In this beautiful world,
Many friends I make.
Many hands I shake.
But best of them are very few.
One of them is you…

Our friendship has become a ‘HABIT’.
Even if you take out ‘H’, ‘A BIT’ remains.
Take out ‘A’ still ‘BIT’ remains.
Finally takeout ‘B’, still ‘IT’ remains.

I made a list of special persons in my life with pencil,
when I comes to your name I decide to use permanent marker
because I want to keep you in my life forever.


Friendship, Yaari, Dosti…

Ek din zindagi aise mukam pe pahunch jayegi..

Dosti to sirf yadon me reh jayegi…

Har cup coffee yaad tumhari dilayegi..

Aur haste haste fir aankhein nam ho jayengi…

Office ke chamber me class room nazar aayegi..

Par chahne pe bhi proxy nahi lag payegi…

Paisa toh bahut hoga magar unhe..

Luntane ki wajah hi kho jayegi…

Jee le khulke iss pal ko merey dost..

Kyunki zindagi iss pal ko phir se nahin dohrayegi…

What does life means?

Life means:
A winter evening, four friends,
Mild Rain, Four cups of tea..

Life means:
Hundred bucks of petrol, Two
rusty old bikes, And an open

Life means:
Maggi noodles, A hostel room
3.25 a.m..

Life means:
1 Prep leave, 1 night, 1 book,
8 dufers..

Life means:
3 coffe mugs, n 1 internet

Life means:
1 girl, 1 number, 4 friends, n a

Life means:

Life means: