Final Version of Internet Explorer 8

IE8Microsoft released the final version of Internet Explorer 8 last week on 19th March to continue the web browser war. This latest version brings a number of new user-friendly features, intended to make browsing the internet more convenient, fast and secure. Internet Explorer 8 is also the latest challenge to its main rival, Mozilla Firefox for the quest of web browser battle.

Internet Explorer 8 is now available in 25 languages for Windows Vista, XP and Windows Server. However, Internet Explorer 8 won’t be available for the Mac.

Microsoft says IE8 beats other top browsers in page-load time on almost 50 percent of the top 25 comScore Web sites. Microsoft also pointed to some new features to help consumers save time, including accelerators, Web slices, and visual search suggestions. Accelerators are built-in tools to let user translate text, search or handle mapping inside through window inside the working browser window. Web Slices let users put a small portion of busy web page to their favorite bar and keep it updated, such as bidding activities. The Instant Search Box in Internet Explorer 8 enables real-time searches of sites such as The New York Times, and Wikipedia, as well as users’ favorites and previously visited sites, complete with visuals and detailed information, to save time.

There are number of security features has been added to Internet Explorer 8 such as protection against installing malicious Active-X controls, cross-site scripting attacks, increased protection against malware, and click-jacking. To secure browsing activities, Microsoft has added InPrivate browsing mode that keep no history of user activities.

The user interface in Internet Explorer has been significantly improved, make web browsing more convenient, faster and more organized. The features such as ability to recommend sites, a new visual search, and group color-coded browser tabs are welcomed additions, especially to anyone that use the internet frequently.


Shortcuts for Internet Explorer 8

Here are keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 8 (IE8)

Ctrl + A : Selects the entire page
Crtl + B : Brings up the ‘Organize Favorites’ dialog box
Crtl + C : Shortcut for copy in internet explorer 8
Ctrl + D : Shortcut to Bookmark a website
Ctrl + E : Open the Internet explorer 8 Search bar
Ctrl + F : Brings up the Find dialog box
Ctrl + N : Opens a new browser window
Ctrl + P : Prints the current page
Crtl + O : Brings up the ‘file open’ dialog box
Ctrl + H : Brings up the History window
Ctrl + R : Reloads/refreshes the current page
Ctrl + S : Shortcut to save complete webpage in internet explorer 8
Ctrl + V : Shortcut for paste in internet explorer 8
Ctrl + W : Closes IE 8 or the active tab in IE 8

F4 : Drops down the address bar combo box
F5 : Refreshes the page
F6 : Change the focus of address bar and page
F11 : Toggles between full-screen mode and normal mode

Alt + Home : Takes you to your homepage
Alt + Right arrow : Forwards you by one page in the available page stack
Alt + Left arrow : Takes you to the previous page in the available page stack

Esc : Stops loading the current page
Backspace : Takes you to the previously loded page
Tab : Move forward through different boxes and controls items on opened web page
End : Move to the end of a web page

Ctrl + Enter : In the address bar, avoid typing http, ://www and .com by just typing the domain name and pressing Ctrl + Enter
Enter : Not sure if the domain name ends with .com or .net? Type the domain name & press enter. IE will search for the domain

Shift + Left click : Opens the clicked link in new window
Shift + F10 : Used to show shortcut menu for a hyperlink