JavaScript Based Animation Frameworks and Libraries

These JavaScript based animation frameworks and libraries will enable you to create attractive and appealing user experiences. Also, those give developers the ability to create stunning and eye-catching animation and transition effects in there web pages.

1. $fx (
2. jsAnim (
3. scripty2 (
4. GX (
5. Glimmer (
6. Animator.js (
7. Scriptio (
8. Processing.js (
9. Run (
10. Burst Engine (

HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language)

HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) is a type of computer language that is primarily used for files that are posted on the internet and viewed by web browsers. All text, graphics and design elements of a web page are “tagged” with codes that instruct the web browser how to display the files. These files are easy to identify because they contain the file extension of ‘html’ or ‘htm’. HTML files provide layout and formatting information. There are many different software utilities and programs available to help web designer in generating HTML pages.

To convert a simple text file into HTML page we need to create tags that start and finish with angle brackets. To end the formatting or change to another format, the HTML developer types the first angle bracket, a backslash, then repeats the command and closes the bracket.

For example, <b>What is HTML?<b> is the code used to create the bold text.

There are different codes for all sorts of other formatting including italics, tables, paragraphs etc. The anchor or “A” tag is used to create hyperlinks to other pages.

Simple HTML document looks like:

<title>Vikas Khera</title>
This is my blog.