Hi Visitor,

I am a UI Developer based in Delhi, specializing in User Interface Design and Development, with the hands on Web 2.0, Ajax, Web Standards, User Experience and Web Accessibility.

This is my first blog and it is going to be whatever i want to write about.

Please do drop a comment. I value your opinion.

Thanks for your support and do come back!

21 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi.. Lovely Work…. It needs complete passion to keep your blog always Active and when I saw your achieve you have been maintaining it regularly… Hats off to you Bro… I will slowly go through your Blog as and when I’m free…


  2. A nice start – blogging is a holistic science that heals the restlessness of mans human soul…Best wishes brother blogger

    I am What I am
    a river and a dam
    a blog
    but not a positive spam

    Firoze Shakir Poet

  3. JQuery fixed header width is working perfect with IE6,IE7,Safari3.0,4.0 and Firefox 2.0,3.0 but not working properly in IE8.

    is there any solutions??

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