Tata Nano to launch today

Tata Nano, the so called “People’s car” is launching in Mumbai. Customers can expect to own a car for Rs. 1.20 Lakh to Rs. 1.30 Lakh. The company is targeting to book 10 Lakh cars in the first fortnight starting March 23, company sources said. All dealers of Tata Motors and select branches of State Bank of India (SBI) will accept bookings simultaneously across the country.

Allotment will be made through a draw and, going by projections even during this recession, those at the top of the draw would have the choice of becoming proud owners of the first Nano’s, or getting a premium in the black market.

A survey by Crisil suggested that Nano’s launch could expand the Indian car market by 65 per cent. The increase in the market is expected to push up car sales by 20 per cent over previous year.

People's car
People's car

Tata Nano has a roomy passenger compartment with generous leg space and head room. The car is 3.1 metres in length and 1.5 metres wide and is 1.6 metres in height. The Nano has a rear-wheel drive, all-aluminium, two-cylinder, 623 cc, 33 PS, multi point fuel injection petrol engine. This is the first time that a two-cylinder gasoline engine is being used in a car with single balancer shaft. Tata Nano will have tubeless tires.

The external dimensions for the Nano are:
Length 3100 mm (122 in)
Width 1500 mm (59.1 in)
Height 1600 mm (63 in)

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