Politics of some Project Managers in IT Companies

Are you ready?
Are you ready?

If you ask these project managers, they will refuse to believe but the fact is that most of their time is spent playing a game of office politics. These are often guys who are holding an excess amount of power within the office and who will blame others for their mistakes or will try to demoralize the efforts and abilities of others to make them feel better about themselves.

These guys are expert at exploiting other person’s honesty against them. The only way they could take advantage of you in the first place is because of your honest attitude. So, here in fact your troubles come not from your weakness, but from your good qualities.

These guys always work in group and go strictly by the process, writing the process if necessary. They silently lay the trap long in advance, using right measures to do it. You did not notice it coming, but it was long in coming.

There are several ways we can surpass these actions
Firstly, don’t be afraid of them, they are often more friendly to people who aren’t scared by them and more eager to listen to alternative ideas. If somebody tries to demoralize you in a meeting, do not get drawn into a heated argument. Simply be bold and confident, but not aggressive, when making your points and if their behavior continues, peacefully take your leave and if you are asked why you did that later, just say that you found that the meeting was becoming more negative.

Your only other option is to just give up and I am not a quitter, how about you?


  1. Thats the fact n it is the situation in many compaines bt the point has given Simply be bold and confident, but not aggressive is really correct n this comes with the experience only. We will also try to follow this…

  2. satya vachan!!

    andhkar ki nagri hai
    roshni ka deep jalana ha

    nikal pade ho tum jo
    sacchai ki mashal liya
    aaj akela ho to kya
    kal hazzaro ki bheed ho gi

    devdaar ke ped sa
    hur dum sab kuch sahna hai
    Durdhas jeevan jeena hai
    phir bhi atal rahkar apni jagah
    Pahchan banani hai

    andhkar ki nagri hai
    roshni ka deep jalana ha

  3. Agar IT hai to Manager hai, Manager hai to politics hai, Politics hai to Chamcha bhi hai……Ya anant satya hai..
    so hai IT employee tu bina dara apna kaam kiya jaa
    but beware from the chamcha’s and politicians

  4. I think this is not the matter of office politics, my mom told me that there are two types of people in the world.
    One who erases the line draw by others.
    One who increase there lines from others
    So believe in your self and increase your line.
    In the life u will often get people like this but forget the people and honestly do your work someone is looking your honesty.
    So do your work and leave everything on him who is looking every thing. He will never do unfaith to u.

  5. Hai Ram.
    Ek project ne to company ki ekta aur akhandta ko dharashayi karke rakh diya 🙂
    bhagwan kare na koi future mein PM rahe aur na hi PMO mere khyaal mein to posts hi khatam kar deni chahiye !

    inqlaab zindabad 🙂

  6. I think you are working in the wrong company. Quit the company and join where an individual is valued for his/her contribution rather than alignment. There are many out there that are so. Staying in a company that is full of office politics is dumbness not bravery. Use your will-not-bend-down-to-bullies elsewhere!

    Sorry it sounds harsh but thats the way I see it.

  7. Amitabh, I agree with your words but this is the common situation in many companies.
    These managers are supposed to manage not politicize, right?
    And quitting is not the solution to this problem. Instead, we should fight back.

    Well, good luck to us all…. 🙂

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