Keep Going…

Reality itself exists and happens one present moment at a time. Do not allow the burden of your whole life to rest on you all at once. Focus on you and the here and now and decide for yourself that you will take life one step at a time.

Cheer yourself when you reach small milestones
Time is always moving ahead, and, with the exception of when you are asleep, you should always be moving ahead also. Just being able to stick to your daily schedule is cause for celebration.

Push yourself
The demands of survival never go away but sometimes goal or that natural will to survive and succeed may come and go. It is during these times of supposed weakness that strong self-talk will be vital to keeping everything together. Fully acknowledge that your personal power to perform is available to be utilized. Remind yourself of how hard you have worked to get to where you are and keep in mind that it is always easier to just keep up than to fall behind and have to try to catch up and keep up.

Control what you can control
In life people rarely “know” what to do but we all “decide” what we will do. Similarly, we rarely “know” what will happen in the future but we all have the capacity to “decide” or plan the type of future we wish to experience. Planning is essential to your having the feeling of being able to deal with life as opposed to feeling like life is dealing with you. React to problems with planning as opposed to worrying, and if you still choose to worry, and then plan for a segment of your day in which to worry. Make practical plans and carefully execute them.

Be flexible
Things will rarely go exactly as you have planned for them to and unfortunate things can and do happen entirely unanticipated to the best of us at times. Situations with regard to finances and relationships are not easy to navigate. So keep this in mind and be ready to adapt and respond to the inconvenient and unfamiliar if necessary. There’s nothing wrong with complaining and feeling sorry for yourself when things are not going your way as long as it is not getting in the way of you functioning effectively.

Enjoy the opportunity to live
To the best of our knowledge life happens to each person only once and it is not forever. Keep this in mind if thoughts of just wanting it to all be over ever arise and make each day one which you can look back on with pride and joy. Expect to make mistakes now and then but learn from them. Practice proper posture and be sure to take care of your mind and body. Maintain your sense of humor and your thirst for adventure. Embrace the simple pleasures of life, and your loved ones, and with each breath appreciate the sheer fact that you are still alive.

Take regular breaks
In addition to taking sufficient sleep each night to start each day refreshed, it might be worth it to plan a few breaks during the day to have something to look forward to and to monitor how well each day is going and whether any adjustments need to be made. You should also take some time each week to think about the people, places, and things that enrich your life and to think of ways to allow yourself to have as fulfilling a life as possible.

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